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WWCPA Scholarship Application


Application Criteria

Scholarship Application Form

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant must be a spouse of, or the domestic partner of, or IRS eligible dependent of a current WWCPA Certified Association Member with at least one year of membership

Applicant must be enrolled in or be accepted by an accredited college, university, or vocational education institution.

Applicants must reapply annually; however, a streamlined process for subsequent semesters or quarters may be used within a school year. A successful applicant receiving an award for the spring semester or first quarter may apply for subsequent scholarship awards in that year by submitting proof of continuing enrollment for the school year. There is no guarantee of second semester or quarter awards; however, some weight may be given to continuing students. (See Selection criteria.)

Recipient must enroll in a minimum of two full time class, for which academic units are awarded, during the college or university semester (vocational education institution) or quarter for which the scholarship is granted.

Application Requirements

Completed WWCPA Scholarship Fund Application Form
Two letters of recommendation
Transcripts (photocopy of official transcripts is acceptable)
Cost per unit or course
Copy of current class schedule, if applicable
Copy of letter of acceptance from college, university or vocational education institution applicant will attend, or statement explaining acceptance
Brief statement stating educational objectives, career goals, financial need, past and current extracurricular activities (community involvement) and how this scholarship will help you reach your goals.
Interviews may be required of scholarship finalists
Area of Study

Any Major or course of study will be considered, however some weight will be given in the selection process to traditional courses of study and/or to educational goals that enhance the individual’s career development applied towards environmental course work or degree.

Scholarship Amount

Scholarships will be awarded in the fall and spring of each year. The number of scholarships will vary depending on the amount of scholarship funds available.
Scholarship awards will be paid within four weeks of application deadline in order to maximize the assistance provided.
Scholarship award guidelines vary from $200 for community college or vocational education institution per semester or quarter to $750 per semester for a four-year college/university. The Selection Committee will determine the amount to be awarded to each successful applicant based on the Selection Criteria enumerated below.

Scholarship Awards

Scholarship awards are to be applied towards tuition, fees, books, supplies and/or equipment required for the courses at the educational institution.

Screening Committee The Application Screening Committee will consist of elected members from the WWCPA Board member

A list of applicants with name, department or employee relationship will be provided to Screening Committee members prior to review of applications to establish potential conflict of interest issues. Any Screening Committee member who works with, or personally knows, an applicant will be expected to excuse him or herself from consideration of that application. It is not the intention of the Scholarship Committee to unduly restrict Screening Committee participation. Casual knowledge of an applicant (e.g. knowing who an applicant is because they work in another division/office/location in the same department) is not sufficient to warrant their exclusion from review and/or discussion of that application.

Selection Criteria

The Screening Committee will first determine that each application is complete and complies with eligibility requirements.

Scholarships will be based on financial need, personal motivation, educational and career goals, and extracurricular activities, as well as consider the overall quality of the application and the funds available to the Screening Committee for scholarships.

See attached Selection Criteria Matrix for suggested weighting point values to assist the Screening Committee in evaluating applications.

Application Deadlines and Award Dates:

It is the intent of the Scholarship Committee to maximize the assistance provided by making financial awards as early as possible in the school year.

Fall Award Application Deadline - October 28
with award(s) made by November 30

Spring Award Application Deadline - March 18
with award(s) made by April 30

If application deadlines are extended, award dates will be adjusted.

Scholarship Committee

The WWCPA Board of Directors will annually elect at least three members to the Scholarship Committee. The Committee will consist of at least four members who will oversee the application review and award process and the financial management, including fund raising and marketing efforts of the Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Committee shall meet at least once annually to review Scholarship Fund financial statements and the application, eligibility, requirements and screening/selection criteria and processes.

Miscellaneous Information

WWCPA Board of Directors reserves the right to use the name and/or photograph of scholarship award recipients in promotional materials designed to increase awareness of the Scholarship Fund, and to soliciting funding or advertise fund raising events for the Scholarship Fund.

By accepting scholarship awards, recipients understand their college, university or vocational education institution may request confirmation of scholarship awards from the WWCPA in connection with institutional financial aid matters.


Washington Wastewater Collection Personnel Association
c/o WWCPA Scholarship Fund
Attn: Bill Peacock
3414 E 44th Ave
Spokane, WA 99223



Financial Need



Education Goals

Career Goals

Extracurr. Activities

Continuing Award

Total Points



0 to 4

0 to 3

1 to 3

1 to 2

0 to 2

1 to 2


Criteria / need not described in applicants statement


Minimum amount of criteria/need described – Continuing award app


Moderate amount of criteria/need described and/or documented – Continuing award app for final semester/course to complete


High degree of criteria/need established and/or documented


Acute financial need established